Oswaldian Whitelist Utility
Version 1.0 for HTML 3.2

Thank you for choosing World of Oswald. Use this utility to whitelist your minecraft players in order to play on World of Oswald servers. Whitelisting gives access too:
  • Panic Modded Minecraft Server (Panic for 1.12.2) panic.worldofoswald.com:25705
    To continue, please enter your minecraft player name in the box below:
    Take a deep breath and slowly release. Click the button to join when ready.

    Side Effects & Contradictions: Prolonged use of whitelist utility is not nessesary, use the utility as needed and never to excess. Side Effects of whitelisting include access to World of Oswald minecraft servers, time loss, and autographed Pontiac 6000 photography. Contact your World of Oswald Server Operator or Administer if prolonged use lasts over several days.
    Am486 DX-40 @ 39Mhz 18% usage | 16MB SIMM 67% free | 36 degrees celcius | All systems nominal