Panic 3 Server Charter

Panic is an in-house World of Oswald heavy modpack with a theme devoted to making the first few nights in the over-world cause some mild anxiety. Give your balls a tug and join the panic!

Panic 3 - Based on Minecraft 1.12.2 | Available via the WoOLauncher | 6-8GB RAM Allocation Recommended
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Panic 3 Server Charter

Post by Shafticle » Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:10 pm

LandPanic Charter
This charter is a live document meaning it may be adjusted or expanded based on how the community is proceeding.

WoO administration operates with a Hands-off policy as much as possible when it comes to actual game play, only intervening when stability or performance is becoming an issue. This means this community should be policing and taking care of itself. No World of Oswald Server is actively monitored for comments or profanity.

Multiplayer modded servers are notorious for being rather easy to obliterate performance and stability on, with intentional or unintentional actions. Oswald Administrators will absolutely intervene when players are intentionally or unintentionally thrashing server performance.

Plots & Generation
No mod is installed to handle plots or area protection from an administrative standpoint. Players are expected to either cooperatively join an existing build area by asking the area residents for permission, or are to find their own space in which to start in. Or perhaps build some sort of automated base defense system and eliminate intruders, I dunno.

The first 4 square kilometers from the origin are pre-generated as SkyLands - allowing players to either brave island hopping to accelerate resources, or take the the more conservative sky factory approach with ex nihlio style mods.

Beyond the first 4 square kilometers, the terrain generation is Biomes-o-plenty: Archipelago. Players who want to build in the overworld with regular terrain generation will have to brave the skylands first!

Theming & Build Integration
Panic 3's build theme has been dubbed: Techno-Roman
The best part of multiplayer modded is perhaps the integration of everyones shenanigans. When integrating your builds with another player or groups builds, be respectful and integrate cooperatively.


Pranks are a fun, dare I say essential part of multi-player Minecraft in general. But pranks should be just that, fun, for both sides. Reducing another player or groups build to a crater in the ground is not a prank, and is not fun. Have some self restraint and use your better judgment when it comes to pranks.

Live Streaming / Episodic Recording
Some players may choose to live stream their game play or record their game play into episodes for sharing with others later on. This is encouraged. The World of Oswald wants to support modern media as much as we can, and if you'd like to film on WoO servers please do!

  • Be respectful of other players who may not want to be part of the action.
Everyone Else
  • We ask you be respectful and not 'crash' the party of a live stream or recording you know is taking place. Broadcasters and recorders generally will have their own rules for their channels conduct. It's usually best you approach them directly if you'd like to have more than a passive role in their production.

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