World of Oswald Website
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You need JavaScript to view this place in technicolor. The script file is awfully programmed and 100% harmless. Unless you're triggered by terrible coding, in which case it may cause mental instablity. If you're visiting from the CLI (using lynx for example; sup Lynx bros), or perhaps are behind a web proxy so strict even static images and stylesheets are not getting through, and you just want to get to the other shenangians at the WoO already, here's the same links the JavaScript version of the page would have offered you: -WoO Launcher - World of Oswald Custom Modpack Launcher -Forums - phpBB based web forums -Bug Tracker - A Mantis based bug tracker -Whitelist Utility - Self Whitelisting utility for World of Oswald Servers If you did intend to view the WoO website in fabulous 32-bit colour, then disable whichever hijinx, plugins, addons, or mods are cleansing the internet's silliness for you. Perhaps you're a fellow NoScript bro? Or an overzealous adblocker thought it had to save you from the WoO's complete lack of advertisements*? And if you're still in doubt, figure it out. *Hey entities** that like to advertise stuff! Contact the WoO via email with: with proposals. Oswaldians are reasonable folk, we'll hear you out about how wonderful your widgets are. **Entities often include, but are not limited to: people, persons, businesses, corporations, organizations, and the World of Oswalds '81 car of the year: The Pontiac 6000!
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